Delivery FAQ


We want to brand our pod, do you have templates for partial or sectional graphic wraps?

  • Yes. We can supply dimensional CAD drawings for either a wrap on the mid section or for individual diamond sections.
  • We can arrange for our supplier to vinyl wrap your Seedpods prior to you receiving them. Please speak to our Seeds team on + 44 (0) 113 335 1488 who will be happy to help you.


Our design team want to ‘mockup’ Seedpods on to our design plans, do you have 3D renders?

  • Yes we have renders in PDF or JPG format. Please ask the Seeds team on + 44 (0) 113 335 1488 who will be happy to send these to you.



Logistics and transport

Can you advise on transport options for us to move Seedpods from one site to another?

  • It is not possible to recommend specific transport options to move Seedpods as the make and models of lorries have many variations, for example, in internal and external sizes, curtain or hard sides, tailgates, mounted forklifts.
  • The choice of transport to deliver Seedpod will depend on the fleet options available to you and any limitations at the delivery site.
  • Remember to always carry out your own risk assessments before moving your Seedpod to include decisions on location, delivery, transport, building up and breaking down. Staff should have suitable lifting and handling training and follow your health and safety policies.


What do I need to think about if I want to transport our Seedpods whole between our main sites?

  • Your built Seedpod is 2.45m tall, 2.84m wide with a circular base of 1.7m diameter.
  • A pallet would be required on which to secure the pod. Minimum size 2m x 2m square with height that allows space for forklift forks, 220mm. A pallet can be ordered from the Seeds team on + 44 (0) 113 335 1488.
  • Seedpods Flying Jacket can be purchased from Seeds to provide added protection to your Seedpod in transit. If this is not used your Seedpod would require suitable protective wrapping and securing whilst in transit.
  • If using a forklift ensure the operator is fully trained with appropriate licence. Extended forks would also be required.
  • Curtain side lorries provide more options on loading and unloading when using a forklift. Check the height and width of the curtain side frame to ensure Seedpod/s plus pallet will fit.
  • If building or breaking down your Seedpod on the lorry, having a tailgate on the vehicle reduces risk of accidents to staff or damage to Seedpod parts.
  • To enable more transport options, the height of Seedpods can be reduced by removing the roof section and transporting it separately in suitable protective wrapping. The Seedpod will also require suitable protection and securing in transit


What if I want to transport Seedpods in separate parts?

  • Seedpods also breakdown into eight parts. The part sizes and weights can be found in the Seedpods instruction manual, the Seedpod brochure or on the website
  • Each part will require individual protective wrapping.
  • Parts will require securing in place during transit.
  • Having a tailgate on the vehicle to load and off load parts reduces risk of accidents to staff or damage to Seedpod parts.
  • The Seeds team on + 44 (0) 113 335 1488 have used a 7.5 tonne lorry with tailgate to move a Seedpod in eight parts. Each part is individually wrapped for protection and secured inside the lorry



Receiving Seedpods

What is the minimum size of lift for moving Seedpod from delivery bay into a building?

  • Trade lifts may come in different sizes and shapes, so it is not possible to give a set minimum dimension. From our experience from delivering Seedpods to customers, the sections have fitted into a trade lift with a Length 2120mm, Width 2250mm and Height 1988mm.
  • Dimensions for each of the eight parts that make up a standard Seedpod are provided in the Seedpod brochure and instruction manual. Please check your sizes to your particular lift.


What size lorry will the Seeds team on + 44 (0) 113 335 1488 use for the delivery?

  • The transport options will be defined to a great extent by the access to your site. Generally we deliver;
    • One pod by 4m tilt trailer, pulled by long wheelbase Land Rover Defender
    •  Two to three pods 18 tonne curtain side lorry with tailgate. DIMENSIONS External L 10m x H 4.1m x W 2.5 m Internal L 7.65m x W 2.55m x H 2.5m
    • Five pods by Artic lorry with tailgate. DIMENSIONS L 17m x H 4.2m x W 2.6m internal dimensions L 13.6m x W 2.55m x H 1.5 to 3m
  • We do have options of transport but will ALWAYS need accurate information on the site specific conditions to make the correct transport decisions. Please call to discuss with the Seeds team on + 44 (0) 113 335 1488.


Is it possible to provide a video of build and breakdown?



Instructions for use

How will I know how to get the best out of my Seedpod?

  • Seedpods come with their instruction manual giving you all the information that you need.
  • It includes instructions on how to use the lighting and bluetooth sound systems for everyday use.
  • We provide information on how light and sound can be used to support wellbeing, productivity and happiness.
  • Seedpods let you define your own space. Use the manual to learn how the technology works, then let your imagination go, and create your own immersive experience.


What power supply do we need for our Seedpod?

  • It’s very simple, the power comes from standard UK supply. If you are taking your Seedpod abroad then speak to the team on + 44 (0) 113 335 1488 and we will arrange the correct electrical fitting for its destination.


Can we use our Seedpod outside?

  • Seedpods are designed for indoor use. However you can request a Seedpod fitted with IP rated electrical circuits that enables your Seedpod to be used as a temporary outdoor installation.
  • If you have purchased a Seedpod that can be used as a temporary outdoor installation, it will be fitted with a blue 16 amp IP68 rated industrial power plug that connects to a standard 13 amp domestic plug.
  • Seedpods Lounge Jacket to offer added protective cover and can be purchased from the Seeds team on + 44 (0) 113 335 1488.
  • A specific risk assessment will need to be undertaken for environmental conditions of your proposed site. A weather report on Seedpods can be accessed at that can support your assessment.


How do I clean my Seedpod?

  • Seedpods are made from class 2, fire retardant Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and finished in a white gelcoat; providing a hard and durable long-lasting surface that wipes down and cleans easily with warm soapy water.

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