December 10, 2018

British Land Regent’s Place

British Land Regent’s Place

Life doesn’t get much more hectic than in central London. So when property company British Land requested five Seedpods for its city-centre campuses, we welcomed the chance to bring a little calm to the capital.

Regent’s Place and Paddington Central were created to promote social inclusion and a sense of community in one of the busiest and most transient of locations. Acutely aware of the city’s homeless problem, the client loved the idea that by planting the Seedpods, they could put something in place that could offer anyone and everyone a shelter.

Wellbeing, productivity and creativity are also an important part of these busy work and social hubs, making them a natural home for the Seedpods. From plugging into a playlist and brainstorming business ideas to socialising with friends or enjoying a moment of quiet meditation, the Seedpods’ possibilities have proved as rich and limitless as their visitors’ imaginations. And the client has yet to spot one sitting empty so that’s a lot of visitors.


The three resident Seedpods at Regent’s Place also play an active part in the hub’s regular events and festivals. In October 2018, they took centre stage at Thought Fest – a weeklong interactive festival of sustainability, wellbeing and technology. There, they played host to a series of ‘Tea + Talking’ events where festival-goers engaged in thought-provoking discussions with experts. From wellbeing days to seven-day tech festivals, we can’t begin to imagine how many creative ideas and innovations our Seedpods have nurtured.

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