February 18, 2019

After seeing an article on Seedpods in international magazine Dezeen, Professor Tamie Glass, a world leader for human-centred design at the Interior Design Program, University of Texas, hurried to contact the Seeds team. Tamie wanted to explore how designers are connecting people to the places they inhabit. She saw in Seedpods a raw example of how our basic human need to relate to the shared spaces we occupy manifested in the design of Seedpods.

Much time is spent in designing and constructing our environments, though less is spent in understanding how people relate to the resulting spaces and objects that fill them. The Seeds team know that the daily relationship we have with our environments impact on our wellbeing, productivity and ultimately, happiness.

We welcomed the chance to be showcased in Tamie’s book Prompt, alongside inspiring designers who use technology and design innovation to shape people’s behaviours and emotions, and promote positive interactions and social engagement.

For further information about the author Tamie Glass and PROMPT click on link below.

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